Why use hypnosis?

The role of hypnosis in therapy


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Hypnosis in therapy

Hypnotherapy makes use of hypnosis. Because hypnosis brings many benefits to therapy. However, it is not the answer. That is you cannot put someone in a hypnotic trance and just say, “No you will never feel anxious again”. It does provide a very useful tool to help resolve issues.

Caught in a loop

Vivian has anxiety; she does not know why she has anxiety or where it came from. It is not something she created deliberately (consciously). The anxiety happens all by itself (it’s subconscious).
The more anxious she feels the more she thinks. She thinks about things that have not happened. Worries about things that probably never will happen.
The more she thinks the more anxious she becomes.

Some issues happen subconsciously, they need therefore to be resolved at a subconscious level.

Break the pattern

When people have problems, they naturally try to think their way out of the problem. Sometimes the thinking does not help; sometimes it is the thinking (conscious mind) that is the problem.

Hypnosis enables you to break out of old ways of thinking. It quietens the thinking, analytical, conscious mind. These beliefs and thoughts keep you trapped in a loop. Hypnosis enables you to break free of any limited beliefs and explore the resources you have.

Activate your inner resources

Vivian spends a lot of time thinking. All her thoughts can be like a classroom of students shouting at her. All trying to capture her attention, to answer the question. They dance around, waving their hands in the air, and bursting out of their seats. If she could quieten them down. Then often there is someone in the background with the answer. Just waiting to be heard.



When you stop limiting yourself to the same thoughts, ideas and beliefs, then you stop going around in circles. Breaking out of a loop creates a gap for something new to grow. It is hard to teach somebody who already believes they know everything. When you stop consciously knowing and open yourself to new experiences. Then you learn. Therefore, you make new connections to the resources you already have.

Because hypnosis enables you to explore any issue and its associations, you can learn through your own direct experience and associations. Then guided by the therapist you can explore new ways of reacting. Therefore, you can create your inner reality and find your solutions from the safety of your armchair.

Most people are clueless why they experience symptoms. Vivian feels anxious. However, it is harder to understand why she has anxiety. Let alone where it came from. Many issues come from deep within. Through hypnosis, we can explore the issue, analyse the root cause and make changes.


More importantly, some of the problems people face are difficult to deal with. So difficult that the person does not even know why the problem exists. Your subconscious mind protects you from anything too difficult.

Painful issues are resolved by approaching them in a very indirect, safe way using Hypnosis.


All her anxious thoughts make it difficult for Vivian to concentrate on other things.

Disorders like extreme anxiety, physical pain and depression make it difficult for the person to focus. Hypnosis improves your ability to focus your attention. It allows you to break free from the problem. This brings with it the realisation that the problem can change. You can control it.

Hypnosis as a tool

Hypnosis can help someone like Vivian. Through hypnosis, she learns to focus her attention. Enabling her to focus her attention where it needs to be. She can calm her thoughts and break away from the anxiety. Free to explore her creative way of solving problems. Creating new learnings. Explore resources she already has. Making new connections. In a safe environment, she can try out new ideas. Not limited by reality or her conscious mind.