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Hypnotherapy for eating disorders

hypnotherapy for eating disorders

Eating disorders are mental health diseases that have recognizable causes, clear symptoms, and predictable outcomes. Eating disorders often co-exist with other health issues such as depression, anxiety, substance misuse and a history of trauma of some kind. For long term change hypnotherapy may focus on addressing this issues as well as the eating disorder.

Different types:

  • anorexia: Self-imposed starvation and occurs when someone avoids food.
  • bulimia: A disorder in which someone binges and then purges.
  • orthorexia nervosa: An extreme or excessive preoccupation with eating food believed to be health.
  • selective eating disorder: Only eat certain foods.
  • binge-eating:  Involves regular binge eating, but not purging
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How hypnotherapy for eating disorders can help

Understanding the root cause of eating disorders can be useful for recovery. Hypnosis can prove helpful to tap into your subconscious to reveal events, comments or situations that may have contributed to the development of your eating disorder.

Identifying the root causes allows them to be dealt with and resolved. Any buried emotional issues negative perceptions of events or of yourself can be changed in a beneficial way. Issues like low self-esteem and low self-confidence can also be addressed through hypnotherapy.

Hypnotherapy for eating disorders can teach you techniques to help you cope with unhelpful thinking. This can be especially beneficial to ensure you stay healthy after recovery. If you think you are at risk of relapsing, be sure to seek support. Moving on from an eating disorder can be a long process, but there are always professionals available to support your continued recovery.

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